Helios Strategia is a group of partner companies which includes Helios Strategia Polska, Helios Strategia MMT Machines & Mechanisms Trading in Austria, and Helios Strategia LLC in Ukraine.

We inspire Polish enterprises and show them how to harness clean solar energy throughout the year. We are the General Contractor for industrial photovoltaic farms. We implement professional construction projects of various scales and levels of complexity.

Our company is composed of a team of over 120 experts, designers, civil engineers, and contractors. With 11 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive approach. We understand that each enterprise is different and requires tailored solutions. Therefore, we thoroughly assess needs and select appropriate technologies.

The organizational culture we uphold ensures transparency in collaboration, engagement, trust, and reliability. Our main product and goal are reducing energy costs, with photovoltaics being just a part of our offering.

We take pride in every project we undertake, and the results of our work drive us towards further development. We think and act globally, which is why our projects are located in Poland, Ukraine, and Batagai.

When constructing solar power plants, we adhere to the “single contractor” strategy. This helps minimize investment risks and guarantees the successful outcome of the work being conducted.