AgriPV ... from the last minute and the last few days

We are pleased to present Poland’s first publication on agrivoltaics (AgriPV). Agrivoltaics is the simultaneous use of land for agricultural production and electricity generation. It is much more than a new pathway for the solar sector; it is an innovative form of investment that is gaining popularity in Europe and around the world. In Poland, AgriPV projects are not yet known and little knowledge is available. The Polish PV Association has decided to promote the concept, and this publication aims to start a broad discussion; we hope its fruits will soon be seen in the Polish countryside.

Poland ranks third in Europe in terms of the share of agricultural land in the total area of the coun- try. At the same time, this vast area is a potential for a number of tasks related to clean energy, energy transition, sustainable agriculture, food security, biodiversity or rural development; these areas are also the pillars of the European Green Deal.

We hope that this report contributes to a broad discussion resulting in a new regulatory environ- ment providing a secure framework for new AgriPV projects.

7 October 2022
PSF promoted agrovoltaics at AgroShow in Bednary

PSF promoted agrovoltaics at AgroShow in Bednary

The largest fair bringing together producers and entrepreneurs from the agricultural sector - AgroShow 2022 - has ended. Th (...)