The Elmont Group is an experienced and committed team with expert design and engineering competences. We are innovative and we constantly expand our knowledge and possibilities based on our experience. We have been thinking and building for future generations for years, which is why one of the main paths we follow is renewable energy (RES).

We develop, design, and build wind and photovoltaic farm’s, as well as service and manage electricity infrastructure in the field of RES.

Thanks to our knowledge, optimal and reliable solutions are created in the field of internal connections of wind and photovoltaic farms. We operate at every level of HV and MV voltages, we integrate superior systems, we program and run.

Thanks to our many years of experience gained from cooperation with all network administrators, we provide the best investment service in the design and execution phase throughout the whole Poland in terms of connecting farms to the DSO network.

We also provide 24/7 maintenance and service throughout the lifetime of the power plant. We have our own Dispatch Center with constant monitoring of the operation of farms.

With us, more is generated!