Optisol Sp. z o.o. operates in the renewable energy segment related to ground-based photovoltaic power plants. The projects developed by Optisol are mainly located in the northern part of the country, but the dynamic growth of the business is leading to entry into other regions of Poland. The project portfolio includes small-scale power plants of up to 1 MW, as well as large-scale farms with capacities of more than 100 MW. The total capacity of projects in development is 3.2 GW.

The organisation consists of a complete group of specialists – managers and engineers, qualified in the areas of finance, design, environment and electricity, with many years of experience in the renewable energy industry. Continuous tracking of Polish and foreign trends, acting on the basis of a prepared development strategy, leads to a successive increase in the portfolio of projects and expansion of the scope of activities.

In pursuing business objectives, Optisol is guided by values such as quality, efficiency, protection and responsibility. The Company’s mission is to constantly improve itself and to seek the most advantageous and effective solutions, in a sustainable manner, assuming care for relationships, local conditions and the environment. This strategy allows for the establishment of lasting relationships with landowners, subcontractors and public authorities, resulting in stable operations and systematic growth.