Based on 35 years of experience in power electronic technology, Kehua has diversified solutions and rich project experience in the fields of photovoltaic, energy storage, micro-grids and integrated energy services.

Together with partners in more than 100 countries and regions, Kehua is promoting the transformation of the energy structure with technology and making clean energy a force to influence the world. By 2023, Kehua’s PV installation has exceeded 46GW and its energy storage installation has exceeded 15.2GW/8.2GWh globally.

In the field of photovoltaic, we provide total solutions covering full power, which are widely used in a variety of power plant scenarios, such as utility, industrial and commercial and residential rooftops, etc.; in the field of energy storage, we provide solutions for front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter energy storage; in the field of microgrid, we have rich experience in the application scenarios of C&I parks, data centers, EV charging, and powerless/weak areas; in the field of micro-grid, we have extensive experience in the application scenarios. In the field of micro-grid, we have rich experience in C&I parks, data centers, EV charging, areas without electricity/weak electricity, and other complex application scenarios.

Currently, Kehua has become the world’s fourth largest PCS supplier (S&P Global) and a Tier 1 energy storage supplier (BloombergNEF). In the future, Kehua will continue to be a reliable PV and ESS expert, create clean energy, and commit to making everyone in the world live a zero-carbon life.