Grenergy Renovables is a Spanish company created in 2007, an independent power producer (IPP) from renewable sources, mainly wind and photovoltaic, publicly listed in Spain since 2019. A vertically integrated company, its business model covers all phases of the project, from development, through engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) to the operation and maintenance of the plants, as well as structured finance.

The company has a global pipeline of more than 11 GW (status as of mid-2022) in various stages of development in eleven countries of the European (Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany and United Kingdom), North American (United States) and Latin American (Chile, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia) markets. The group has been committed to its growth in Poland since mid-2021 as Grenergy Polska, establishing two offices in Warsaw and GdaƄsk and building its own team of local experts to develop mainly large-scale solar PV projects.