The European Parliament has adopted a draft regulation according to which, from 2028, all new buildings will have to be zero-emission and equipped with solar panels. Measures have been proposed to help lower energy bills and fight climate change.

The main objective of the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by the building sector by 2030. By 2050, this sector is to become climate-neutral.

From 2028, all new buildings are to be zero-emission, and from 2026, new buildings occupied or operated by or belonging to public authorities are to become zero-emission. From 2028, all new buildings should be equipped with solar energy technologies, if technically and economically feasible. For residential buildings undergoing major renovation, the deadline is 2032.

Parliament adopted its position by 343 votes to 216 (78 abstentions) and will now start negotiations with the Council to agree on the final wording of the rules.

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