The Energy Regulatory Office announced the results of the December RES auctions. It was the second round of the auction this year. The vast majority of offers concerned photovoltaics.

In total, 18.5 TWh of electricity from renewable sources has been allocated for sale, with a total value of over PLN 8.6 billion. As a result of their settlement, a total of nearly 14 TWh of electricity was contracted with a value of slightly over PLN 3.2 billion. Out of 375 winning bids, only 14 were for non-photovoltaic installations.

The reference price in the so-called small basket was 340 PLN / MWh. The minimum price at which the energy was sold was PLN 219 / MWh. The maximum price at which the energy was sold was PLN 278.9 / MWh.

In the large basket, the reference price was PLN 320 / MWh for solar farms and PLN 250 / MWh for wind farms. The minimum price at which energy was sold was PLN 139.64 / MWh for onshore wind farms and PLN 207.85 / MWh for solar farms, respectively. The maximum price in this basket was PLN 261.07 / MWh.

Congratulations to the auction winners!